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Ceiling tiles began to fall, and cracks began to form along the walls. Cute softball picture poses. He bent over, his massive ass spreading wide and causing his posing suit to get sucked deep into his giant crack, and picked up a bus from a gridlocked intersection. Big muscle men tumblr. Tossing his sweatpants off into the distance, he reached behind him and smacked his ass cheek.

His cock was leaking like crazy at this point. Turning the opening toward his mouth, he shook it, dumping the people into his cavernous mouth. Grannies naked pics. His son was now in charge and he was happy to obligeā€¦.

He stopped and looked at his phone. The building crumbled instantly, raining debris down on the streets below. He grinned and laughed. One foot planted in the valley and the other in Hollywood.

He wanted that ass. He smirked as he ran his hands over his abs and gargantuan pecs. He raised the bus half in his right hand up and tilted his head back, opening his mouth. Big muscle men tumblr. Suck nipples tumblr. Having dumped most of the people into his pouch, he snapped it shut, and cupped his hand around the pouch, giving it a little squeeze.

The acceleration upwards almost caused his dad to pass out.

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He lifted his foot and brought it down on a plaza and congested road. Mma fighters nude. He eyed up the taller skyscrapers and began feeling his biceps. As careful as a man of his size could, he plucked the bus from the street, damaging a few cars on both sides with his massive fingers. It was mesmerizing for those behind him.

He stopped dead in his tracks, mouth agape, as he stared at the breaking news report. Big muscle men tumblr. He penetrated the earth and began to fuck it. He leaned back against the building behind him and began to text Jim. His massive form loomed above the city as he surveyed the chaotic streets below. Missionary sex videos tumblr. Some of the tiny men began to scream as the hand enveloped the top of the building, sealing the men in his palm. He bent over and grabbed giant slabs of concrete from the toppled building and with a deafening roar hurled them toward the copters.

His cock throbbed, begging for attention. He made it to street level in no time as his office was on the 10 th floor. He lifted his foot and stomped it down on a building, crushing it to dust.

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He wanted that ass. He could barely make out the tiny passengers frantically scrambling around inside. Jim took a deep gulp and began to blow his load without even touching himself. Suddenly, Alex felt something big poking at his exposed hole. Surprisingly, he was able to hold it between his thumb and finger without causing too much damage. Big muscle men tumblr. Lifting his leg out of the valley, he swung it over the mountains, planting it down on the Hollywood Bowl. Whole buildings blew to pieces.

He bent over, and with his massive hand, he reached out for a bus caught in the traffic. Sherri martel naked. His dad walked up to it, a little intimidated. He was big, really big. He stood up and grabbed the bus with his other hand and broke it in two. Big muscle men tumblr. Fighter jets began to swarm him and attack.

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